ISOLATION, the new release from Tiffany Aurora, slated for December 2019 release

Series summary

Johanum is the world of depression, set inside the wonder of science fiction and fantasy. Some survive Johanum, others don’t. These are the stories of the survivors.

Book summary

Josephine had her life planned out. Ten years of struggle had finally put her on the path to success. Then she was kidnapped.

As a prisoner of Johanum, Josephine is faced with a choice: adapt or die. To adapt will cost her identity. All facets of her personality and all her deepest held memories will slowly fade away. In exchange, she will become resilient and unattached, an embodiment of desperation that cannot be controlled. She will become one of Johanum’s most powerful weapons.

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ISOLATION is the first book in the sci-fi/fantasy series The Chronicles of the Survivors of Johanum. It will be available on Amazon this December. Follow the series on Facebook to be notified of the book’s release.