COVID-19 and a special offer: Isolation available for $0.99

The COVID-19 pandemic is revealing cracks in health care and emergency response systems across the globe. Individuals and family have been hit – blindsided, in many ways – by economic hardships and the emotional toll of disrupted norms and social distancing.

Art, at its heart, is about finding hope. It’s about searching for joy, searching for life, searching for meaning. Many authors, artists, and creators are responding to the coronavirus pandemic by making their art available for a significantly reduced price. Because every artist knows that, as wonderful as making money off of art can be, it is not, nor can it ever be, the primary goal. Art is about finding joy and raising to life hope, even when the situation seems dire. The more art is shared, the more we can bond over the things that bring us together, and the better equipped we will be to deal with the trauma of our current situation.

Tiffany Aurora has made her dystopian novel Isolation available for $0.99 (previously sold for $8.99) on the Kindle app. The first book in a seven-part series, Isolation is a story about surviving trauma and adjusting to new realities. You can read a teaser here.

Purchase the Kindle version of Isolation for $0.99. If you don’t have the Kindle app, you can download it for free on most major devices.

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